Small Bathroom Renovation

Living in the downtown area of Vancouver in places such as Gastown or Yaletown space is at a premium. This means every decision made is critical in adding value and appeal in a small bathroom renovation. The perfect wallpaper, the best tilework or just the right light fixture can transform a dated and dull bathroom into a chic and fabulous retreat.

Renovating your bathroom is an investment that will provide one of the most significant returns in updating your home. There are other reasons to consider a bathroom makeover such as; adding storage space, accommodating ageing needs, adding energy efficiency upgrades, or others.

If you have already decided to proceed with your small bathroom renovation or are in the decision-making process, what exactly are your priorities beyond style and aesthetic? Is it functionality, ease of maintenance, or durability? If you want to maximize your investment to its fullest potential, we advise you to plan carefully.

Consider the following:

● Your budget

● Your desired return on investment

● The size of your household

● The activities and lifestyles of the household residents

● Storage requirements

● The number of existing bathroom facilities in the home

According to some experts, spending 5% of the value of your home or a minimum of $20,000 on a bathroom upgrade is wise. Ultimately the decision is yours though do understand that most people underestimate costs, so take the time to go over your desires with an expert who can guide you. You’ll find that updates to the bathtub, shower system, toilet, vanity, sinks, faucets, tiles, flooring, countertops, light fixtures, and windows, as well as labor all factor in the cost though It can also include moving fixtures, doing plumbing or electrical work, to even things like knocking down walls. One of the many reasons you will want the help of an expert is to know what aspects of your modern bathroom renovation will provide you the highest return. You want to not only have excellent design but implement a strategy in your bathroom remodel for the best return. Consider both current trends and timeless features. Add luxury features for a “wow” factor that will attract buyers. Having a few impressive extras like radiant heat floors and heated towel racks are great adds. The size of your household and specific needs are also considerations in moving forward with a good strategy. With more people, it requires that there is more storage and counter space. What are the ages and activities of those in your household? Are there Children? Adults or aging adults? Essential factors to consider are how many persons will use this particular bathroom at a time? If there will be more than one person who uses the bathroom, then the layout should reflect that with probably two washbasins, two mirrors, etc.

Storage solutions for a tiny bathroom renovation can include options for hair-care products, hairdryers, flat irons, make-up, and towels. Even if your bathroom is not a very large space if this is going to be a primary bathroom, then items such as these need to be stored within it. Cabinets and shelving are the solutions to small spaces, and within a bathroom, they can make the difference between optimized spaces and overly cluttered chaos.

For the best bathroom renovation include the following in your budget and estimations:

● Plumbing

● Storage

● Electricity

● Cabinets and countertops or vanities

● Shower sills and floors

● Sinks and faucets

● Windows

● Conventional toilets or wall-hung toilets

● Paint, trim and detailing

● Flooring

● Fixtures

● Lighting

● Decoration and accessories

For the best design in a small bathroom renovation ensure that the toilet area, shower or bath, and sink area are all placed appropriately and with enough space to access cupboards or open doors. The toilet is often placed in the least visible part of the room. For comfort allow for 30” of space on both sides of the toilet. The shower or bathtub should also have at least 30” of space but there needs to be access to towels within arms reach. Finally, your sink area should leave 8” of space on both sides of the washbasin at the minimum. When finishing your space with decor and accessories, less is more. Go for elegant mirrors, attractive features but do not over-fill the space; rather keep it clean and uncluttered. Following all of these tips will surely provide you with a transformative retreat that gives you an excellent return on your investment.

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