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Your home or office space is a canvas that tells your story. Allow us to help you create a welcoming and unique space that reflects your ideas, tastes and values. We design unique interiors, working with you to understand your vision.

Through the innovative use of material, colors and shapes, we bring your vision to life, transforming your home with exceptional Interior Design . We create the perfect living space design, whether commercial or residential, Downtown Vancouver or in the suburbs. At Elan, we strive to maximize your budget and deliver superb results for every client living in greater Vancouver.

Our interior design services include:

At Home Consultation

Our experienced interior designers will consult with you to get an understanding of your design vision, as well as your wants and wishes. We offer our insight and explain all the essential details to make the most out of your space.


Once the design concept is finalized, we will proceed with the design, utilizing 3D software. This will help you visualize the design and make any changes to ensure it is tailored to your individual desire and lifestyle. We will also collaborate with you at this stage to specify the materials, finishes, and furnishings to help you visualize how different colors, textures, lighting and space will work together in your desired space.

Our Interior Design  Services include:

  • Design concept
  • Interior floor plans
  • Elevation drawings
  • Lighting layout and specifications
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Tile pattern and layouts
  • Cabinetry and millwork design
  • Finish Specifications
  • Material selection